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All You Need To Know About Lip Fillers

Thinking about lip fillers for the first time? We got you!

lip fillers

Lip fillers. By far the most common and controversial treatment of this generation. Although they have been around for decades being used by millions of women globally, they are in most cases undetected or super subtle. The rise of Kylie Jenner – and other celebrities alike – have created a cult-like following for big luscious lips. Love it or hate it here are some very important things you need to know when considering lip fillers.

At Medicine Of Cosmetics, all of our staff are exceptionally trained to the highest standards. We have 4 Registered Nurses with extensive medical and injectable training with a keen eye for aesthetics and a passion for beauty.

Lip fillers are not permanent. Depending on the type of filler being used they can last anywhere from 3-12 months and be topped up as required. Filler is made up of a synthetic version of a sugar already found in our bodies, which means it naturally metabolises over time. Clients who smoke or exercise heavily may find their filler does not last as long compared to those who don’t. Drinking plenty of water is also crucial for longevity.

The treatment takes approximately half an hour. At MOC we offer complimentary consultations with our Registered Nurses and you have the option to go ahead with the procedure on the same day if you wish. To help accommodate with pain management clients are offered either numbing cream or a dental block (included in the price of the treatment) and in addition to these happy gas (as an extra added comfort for $25).

Results for lip fillers are almost instant! Swelling and some bruising is very common and should settle within a few days. Depending on the type of filler you and our nurse have decided on, small lumps can sometimes be felt but these will also soften. To help reduce any swelling or bruising it is best to avoid certain supplements or medications that thin the blood e.g. aspirin, fish oils, anti-inflammatories etc. (please seek medical advice before stopping or starting a medication).

We recommend arnica tablets and arnica cream (found in most chemists or health food stores) to assist with minimising inflammation and bruising post injecting procedures such as this.

Whether it be a subtle lip rejuvenation treatment for more mature skin, a pretty lip enhancement to re-volumise or reshape, right up to completely changing the aesthetics of your face with a plump glamorous pout, Medicine of Cosmetics (MOC) is committed to creating the look you are after. The suggested first dose is usually 1ml and what this does is give you a natural look for you to maintain or build upon, once again, depending on your desired look. It is always recommended to come in for a review or a top-up in the first few months to see how you are finding your first time with fillers.

For the clients requesting a fuller pout – please note that lip fillers are a process and for the best possible outcome we suggest building upon the lip slowly over time. This will help you create a high volume yet natural lip.

Lip fillers are one of our most popular treatments here at MOC and our Registered Nurses pride themselves on catering to each client's individual look. Taking into consideration your age, style and budget we will endeavour to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

Lip Augmentation pricing: 0.5ml – $350 1ml – $585-$650 1.5ml – $850-$875 2ml – $1000-$1100

Our Loyalty Reward Program was created to assist our clients with the ongoing expense of lip fillers.

After your first treatment at MOC, you are rewarded upon your return with selecting any 1ml lip filler for only $500. Yes, that’s right! All fillers after your initial treatment are capped at $500 saving you $85-$150 per treatment.

Faze, fad, trend or craze…there is no denying the results of this treatment are addictive and moreish.

For appointments please book now or contact us via any of our social media platforms.


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