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Cosmetic Tattooing – Wake up with Makeup

With cosmetic tattooing, you can really say "I woke up like this!".

Cosmetic tattooing
Beauty shot of male with skin disease

Cosmetic tattooing is by far one of our most popular treatments performed here at Medicine of Cosmetics (MOC). There are many different types of permanent makeup and we pride ourselves on providing all our clients with a tailor-made look and style.

The most sought-after cosmetic tattooing treatment would undoubtedly be eyebrows. Eyebrows shape the face and can change your entire look, framing your eyes and editing your aesthetic. Currently, the big trend is thick, sculpted brows. If you have fair or thinning eyebrows this is a perfect way to give your face the oomph it needs. Cosmetic tattooing is also a very popular option for people who have lost hair due to sickness.

A fantastic way to take time off your morning routine is to get your eyeliner or lips tattooed. Permanent makeup means you can wake up and not have to worry about applying liquid eyeliner or lipstick. A supernatural yet effective way to create an awake and fresh look without doing a thing! Your tattooist will work with you to create a look that will compliment your natural tones and features. The liner can be a natural stroke right up to a cat eye look or lips can be a bold all-over color, just the liner, or a pretty blended style.

Some other forms of permanent makeup also include scalp micro pigmentation, which is used for balding or thinning hairlines. This procedure can take years off your look and is starting to become extremely popular, especially among men.

Cosmetic tattooing can last up to several years but it is recommended to have top-ups as required. At MOC we advise a touch up after 4-6 weeks and then again at 1 year. The procedure can be uncomfortable depending on your pain tolerance so we offer all our clients numbing cream. Here at MOC we have created our own great aftercare cream for all cosmetic tattooing and is available in two sizes in-store. Alternatively, you can grab Bepanthen cream from your local pharmacy and it is advised to use this for the week following your treatment.

Once tattooed, they will take a couple of weeks to heal, scabbing off and lightening is very normal and this is why a touch-up is recommended.

Our cosmetic tattooists are all qualified and experienced and pride themselves on being absolute perfectionists. They enjoy working with each client to provide a personalized style and look.

Our price list:

BROWS MOC signature brow - $450 Feather Stroke - $395 Powder Brow - $400

EYELINER Upper or Lower - $350 Combo - $499

LIPS Lip liner & blend - $550 Full lip tattoo - $600

TOUCH UPS Within 12 month period - $100-150

SCALP MICRO-PIGMENTATION $2000 – $5000 or $250 per hour

Free quotes available

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