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Why You Need To Add Sunscreen To Your Daily Skincare Routine!

While sunscreen may be on the top of your priority list when going to the beach or for a long walk in summer, we tend to become less inclined to apply it when it comes to everyday wear.

Beauty shot of woman with hands wrapped on face

As we know, exposure to sun rays is important for your overall well being in order to absorb enough Vitamin D. However, too much exposure can cause signs of premature ageing and skin damage. Even on days where it is overcast where you think there’s no risk, up to 80% of sun rays are still being absorbed by your skin. So to protect your skin, we highly recommend making sure sunscreen is part of your everyday skincare routine.

Years ago, the thought of wearing thick and pasty sunscreen daily made us cringe. Thankfully, skincare has come a long way so you can avoid the old school slimy sunscreen that comes to mind. Workdays for most people don’t involve being outdoors, so your sun protection shouldn’t need to be over 35 to 50+ SPF. So, a great way to avoid creating extra steps in your routine is by selecting items that you already love and use that include SPF, such as moisturiser or colour correcting serums.

Our favourite sun friendly products we commonly recommend are:

Synergie Skin - UberZinc

UberZinc is known for its non-greasy moisturiser fortified formula that’s created with 21% zinc oxide for its calming skin benefits and sun protection

UberZinc is best used after moisturisers in your skincare routine.


Ultraceuticals - UV Protect Daily Moisturiser SPF 30+

The Ultraceuticals range offers the SPF 30+ daily moisturiser in three options: Mattifying, Sheer Tint and Hydrating, perfect for each skin type. It’s designed to offer triple layer skin protection in a fast light-weight absorbing formula that protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.